Boosting Productivity and Self-Care: Unconventional Strategies to Transform Your Business Owning Routine

Boosting Productivity and Self-Care: Unconventional Strategies to Transform Your Business Owning Routine

In the hustle of modern life, finding your perfect balance between your business and self-care can feel unattainable.

Constantly juggling tasks, deadlines, and personal responsibilities, leaves little time for yourself. However, these tips could enhance your productivity and nurture your well-being at the same time-my favorite kind of tips!

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Our three unconventional suggestions can revamp your approach to work and self-care, helping you reclaim control over your day and could ultimately lead to a calmer, happier you!


1: Avoid the afternoon crash-consider delaying the coffee:  Andrew D. Huberman from the "Huberman Lab" podcast states that delaying your coffee 60-90 minutes in the morning can give your body a chance to clear out the adenosine-which is what makes us sleepy. Delaying our coffee, can delay our afternoon crash until closer to bedtime which is where it belongs. Click here for Huberman's YouTube explaining it all or click here for the shortened version.


2: Try something less extreme and introduce isochronic tone music into your routine. If you like binaural beats, you're gonna love isochronic beats! Among many of the benefits, isochronic tones can help improve focus, relaxation, energy levels, sleep and more. And if you have ADHD (or just act like you do sometimes), it's extra helpful! Search "isochornic tone music" on YouTube or here's my favorite song at the moment. Click here to learn more about isochronic beats.

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3: Try some tomatoes or rather the Pomodoro technique. This reminds me of the saying my husband likes to tell me: How do you eat an elephant? Answer: one bite at a time. The Pomodoro (Italian for tomato) technique helps you break things in to bite sized pieces and reminds you how important it is to take a brain break. Essentially you work for 25 minute segments and then take a 5 minute break. After 4 25 min sessions, you take a bigger 15-20 minute break. This is especially great for projects that have seemingly no end to them. Click here to learn more.

Would you give any of these approaches a shot?

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